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A little something about us

Destination Digital is an online content and influencer marketing agency rooted in over 12 years of experience. 

We've been working in content creation and with content creators, influencers, tourism boards and travel brands from around the world. 

We believe in cross-border collaboration and built a strong and vast network of professionals across Europe.

Our network consists of content creators like copywriters, bloggers, videographers, vloggers, photographers, influencers and also consultants in destination and hospitality marketing with years of experience.

Together we offer creative content solutions and a range of tried and tested influencer marketing concepts or tailored campaigns. 

Discover our services below and find out how we can be of value to you.

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What we can do for you

Content Creation

Looking for engaging copy, videos or images for your website or social media ?
We got you covered! 

Our content creator network of professional copywriters, videographers and photographers is at your disposal. 

We work with creators around the world in a wide variety of languages such as English, German, French, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Latvian, Polish, Czech,...

Video production examples

Content distribution

We can help you distribute your content to your target audience.

At the moment we work with a network of social media pages in Flanders (Belgium), The Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

We guarantee a reach of 50.000 impressions per post per network. 

Content Creators


Do you find it hard to find the right content creator or influencer to work with ? 

That's completely normal. There are a lot of creators to choose from and it's truly a challenge to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Our network of content creators reaches the Benelux, French, DACH, Scandinavian, Baltic, Eastern European, Meditteranean and North American markets on a variety of blogs and social channels like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Tik Tok. 

They are professional and screened on content and community quality.


You found your match already ? Great ! Now the relationship starts. 

Every type of creator has different ways of working and requires a tailored approach for them to create the content they love making best

We 'speak their language' and believe we can help you create a long lasting relationship with some kickass content coming your way !

Digital SPHERE - Meet your Creators

Digital Conference 2.0

Digital SPHERE has the goal to connect a selection of professional content creators and influencers in the field of travel with Tourism Boards and Travel Brands over an online platform.

The conference takes places on a state of the art digital meeting platform that offers a reliable and smooth experience.

Content creators are selected on professionalism and on the language of their content and thus the markets they reach.

For more detailed information please visit our webpage here.

Influencer Marketing Concepts

Destination Challenges 

This is probably our most known and successful influencer marketing concept. Let us explain how it works. 

Destinations (DMOs) or travel brands put digital creators and their community to the test by giving them a variety of challenges related to activities, sights or partners they want to promote. The creators reach out to their communities asking for help to tackle the challenges. 

This results in an interactive adventure that is shaped in the moment with unique content and great reach through engagement as a result.

By now over 70 destinations (DMOs) from 4 different continents took part.

👉 #DestinationChallenges 

Travel Massive Berlin

We are running the Travel Massive Berlin chapter and organize monthly events with travel industry professionals in Berlin.

Join our community of over 1000 travel professionals in Berlin here.

The Team

Destination Digital - Bjorn Troch

Bjorn Troch 

Bjorn founded Destination Digital as a logical next step after having worked as a social media marketer and content creator for 15 years, building up a strong professional network of content creators, tourism boards and travel brands from around the world.

His career started as a business developer for 2 social networks between 2006 to 2010. After that he embarked on a new professional challenge as a content creator aka The Social Traveler and managed to build an engaging community of over 20.000 friends & followers that got to influence his travels.

In 2014 he launched the influencer marketing concept Destination Challenges which by now has been organized in over 70 destinations around the world. 

Bjorn shared his experience(s) on the stages of TEDx, ITB, Berlin Travel Festival, Social Media Week Hamburg, New Trends in Tourism conference in Gdansk and the LIAA Latvia tourism conference.

Destination Digital - Svenja Goebel

Svenja Goebel 

Svenja has her professional roots in media studies and journalism. The past 10 years she specialised in social media management and performance marketing

She built her experience in the automotive, food, travel and lifestyle industry. Her heart, she says, belongs to travel und capturing stories.

On her blog Schnitzel & Schminke she covers topics close to her heart, meaning femcare, sustainability and travel. 

Destination Digital - Gregor Kleczkowski

Gregor Kleczkowski

Gregor describes himself as a creative, rather than a marketer, and yet he has quite some experience in both fields. He loves to think outside the box and to create innovative omnichannel campaigns. 

Greg adds a deep understanding of hospitality marketing. He was responsible for the marketing of Wombat’s City Hostels for 7 years and now works as a trainer and consultant, i.a. with the Austria Hotel Association. 

He focuses on creating synergetic collaborations between hospitality partners and content creators.

In 2019 he decided to escape everyday life, pack his family and travel the world for 6 months. They shared the adventure on 

Who we worked with

Tourism boards


Germany - Austria - Canada - Denmark - Latvia - Ireland - Wales - Bulgaria - Tunisia - Honduras


🇩🇪 Brandenburg - Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (MVP) - Lower Saxony - North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) - Saarland - Thuringia - Harz - Saxony 🇨🇦 Newfoundland - Nova Scotia - New Brunswick - Quebec - Prince Edward Island - Ontario - Manitoba - Saskatchewan - Alberta - Yukon  🇦🇹 Tirol - Innsbruck - Wildschoenau - Stubai - Alpbachtal - Woerthersee 🇪🇸 Catalunya - Costa Brava - Valencia 🇱🇻 Latgale - Liepaja - Kuldīga 🇮🇪 Hidden Heartlands  - Ancient East 🇳🇱 Brabant 🇮🇹 Trentino 🇫🇷 Occitanie 


🇩🇪 Berlin - Hamburg - Hannover - Frankfurt - Dresden - Leipzig - Trier - Saarbruecken - Erfurt - Lüneburg - Wolfenbüttel 🇨🇦 Montréal - Toronto - Winnipeg - Edmonton - Ottawa 🇧🇪 Brussels - Ghent - Tournai - Bruges - Leuven - Mechelen 🇱🇻 Riga - Liepaja - Kuldiga 🇦🇹 Innsbruck - Kitzbuhel 🇳🇱 Rotterdam - Utrecht - Gouda - The Hague 🇫🇷 Paris - Metz 🇵🇱 Gdansk 🇱🇺 Luxembourg 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Cardiff 🇨🇿 Brno


Creator's Lounge at Berlin Travel Festival
Destination Beers in Berlin

Travel Brands

Skyscanner - Wombats 

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